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Providing strategic environmental and regulatory management advisory services



  • Environmental and social impact assessment managment

  • Environmental and socioeconomic due diligence assessments

  • Environmental and social safeguards assessments

  • Sustainability assessments

  • Natural resource and environmental management 

  • Regulatory management

  • Strategic planning

  • Environmental auditing

  • Environment institution capacity building

  • Environmental training



  • Transportation infrastructure - roads and bridges, rapid trainsit rail, airports, marine terminals

  • Energy - hydropower, solar, wind and thermal generation, transmission lines, jet fuel terminals, and pipelines

  • Mining and mineral processing



  • International lending institutions - development banks and private lenders

  • Government infrastructure agencies

  • Public utilities

  • Private sector project owners

  • Management consulting firms

  • Universities

Supporting sensible development that is sustainable!

The goal of Roberschan Environmental is to provide independent senior level strategic environmental advice to clients developing and delivering projects in the transportation, energy and mining sectors.

Working with clients to ensure their projects obtain and maintain a social license to operate, through application of environmental and social safeguard policies, is a key facet of Roberschan's work.


"Professor Scott Hanna has been a generous contributor, always willing to spend time with students to help them develop a better understanding of the complexities, challenges and opportunities associated with real- world, effective environmental management. His incredibly rich global experience in environmental issues and outstanding professionalism is greatly appreciated by students and staff alike."

Dr. Paul Dargusch, Associate Professor and Deputy Head of School, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Queensland

"Through his work in Griffith University's Industry Mentoring Program, Scott has leveraged diverse skill sets in leadership, intercultural competence, and capacity-building, along with his significant discipline-based knowledge, to provide individualised approaches to students' development. His contributions to the Program have been of exceptional value."

Nicole Graham and Breeda Crowley, Griffith University Industry Mentoring Program

"Scott undertook a comprehensive review of extensive materials, reported his analysis clearly and provided thoughtful advice on next steps.  He was proactive in helping to frame the analysis to be undertaken and incredibly responsive to questions and requests – responding in short timeframes and yet always maintaining the highest-quality in the responses."

E. Scott, Deputy Project Director, Capital Regional District, Wastewater Treatment Project


"Scott Hanna was one of a 3-member due diligence panel that reviewed the work of the project board for the Capital Regional District Core Area Wastewater Treatment Project.  The panel was asked to review a very large amount of work in a very compressed time frame.  The panel’s successful completion of its mandate was due in large part to Scott’s leadership skills and analytical abilities.  It was marvellous to watch him at work – absorbing a large amount of technical and process information in very short order and leading the panel in their work, their questions and the finalization of their report.  Very impressive, indeed!

G. Lewis, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP


"Scott and his team were very professional and updated on the latest international standards. The quality of the reporting was high and was key to our obtaining the necessary internal approvals in a timely manner. In particular, we really appreciated Scott's flexibility / responsiveness in providing the deliverables, particularly given the timezone difference and tight timeframe for the transaction. Scott turned around Q&A very quickly, which we appreciated."  

M. Chua, VP Deutsche Bank


"As the VP Environmental and Regulatory Affairs and a member of the Executive on the Canada Line Project, Scott played an important role in the strategic direction of the Project."  

J. Bird, CEO, Canada Line Rapid Transit Inc.


"Scott  has provided excellent leadership, has demonstrated superior knowledge of environmental assessment processes, and has consistently produced quality deliverables on schedule."  

A. Buckingham, Chief Environment Officer, BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

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