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Providing Strategic Environmental and Regulatory Management Advisory Services - Sensible Advice for Good Projects 


Roberschan Environmental focuses on assisting its clients in doing exactly what is required to obtain project environmental approvals, and achieve and maintain a social license to operate.


​Roberschan's principal, R. Scott Hanna, brings over 40 years of experience as an environmental professional providing strategic advice to public and private sector project developers and lending institutions.

Roberschan's Perspective


Although a prescribed approach may suggest a standard path for taking a project through an approvals process, every project is diffierent, and no two projects will require the same solutions to achieve the desired approvals outcome.  Solutions will be as varied as the projects and people involved. Roberschan's principal, R. Scott Hanna, works with clients to map out regulatory pathways and risks, approvals timelines, and budgets, and develops solutions based on project and client needs.



The best strategy for addressing an issue might be simple and self-evident, or require condiserable effort and innovative approaches. Roberschan provides expert strategies to address the most complex challenges faced in navigating through environmental regulagtory processes.

Roberschan starts by helping its clients to clearly define their projects, identify the regulatory pathways, timelines and budgets, assess impediments and risks, then assist in structuring and managing the team required to efficiently navigate the process.

"I'm here to assist clients in developing projects to meet increasingly stringent environmental and social requirements . . . that go beyond simple compliance to achieve an environmental and social standard that is necessary to satisfy stakeholder interests . . . resulting in projects that a client developer can be proud of at the end of the day. I do this by providing a value added service that recognizes that doing the job correctly the first time, saves in the long run."

R. Scott Hanna, Principal / Senior Environmental Advisor, Roberschan Environmental

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